How do I join?

UES events are open to ALL majors at UCSD. To be notified of our upcoming events, simply add your email to our Interest List on the bottom, or like us on Facebook to be notified as quickly as possible. Our events are open to anyone, so feel free to bring friends who aren't in the fields of economics or business.

Why should I join?

UES provides the necessary resources to prepare our members for embarking on a career in the business world or graduate school. UES organizes numerous events throughout the year to help our members prepare for career opportunities, and also opportunities to network with alumni, corporate representatives, graduate schools, and UCSD faculty.

Are events required?

Starting FA17, UES will invite those who attend most of our events in each quarter to Member Exclusive Events. These events include the LinkedIn Workshop, Professional Photo Session, Resume Workshop, and other career development workshops. From these events, our exclusive members will have the opportunity to be coached by our executive board on a personal level. Additionally, you will be invited to our social gatherings to get to know our team. More information will be provided if you are eligible. Otherwise, students are not required to attend all of the events, however, they are strongly recommended. We sponsor many different types of info sessions and networking nights so that you can pick and choose which events suit your interests.

How Can I become a Committee Member?

Committee members are UES members who have chosen to become more involved in UES. As a committee member, you will be expected to actively participate in furthering the goals of UES by organizing our events and fulfilling each committee's expectations. Our next committee recruitment will be during FA18.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to message us on Facebook or email us. Additionally, please feel free to follow us on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook!

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