How do I join?

UES membership is open to all UCSD students. To become a member, simply drop us an email ( to join the mailing list. Then, you will receive regular updates from UES regarding meetings and events. Our events are open to anyone, so feel free to bring friends who aren't members.

Why should I join?

Our goal is to help students excel as members of the UCSD Economics Department. We are also committed to preparing students for any career opportunities after college that relate to economics, business, finance, and accounting. We host events to help members study for finals and network with other students and UCSD faculty. We also hold grad school info sessions, mock interviews, and resume critiques to help members with plans after graduation. Since we are directly funded by the UCSD Economics Department, we don't require dues of our members.

Are events required?

As a member of UES, you will not be required to attend all of the events, however it is strongly recommended. We sponsor many different types of info sessions and networking nights so that students can pick and choose which events suit their interests.

How Can I become a Committee Member?

Committee members are UES members who have chosen to become more involved in UES. As a committee member, you will be expected to actively participate in furthering the goals of UES by helping out with our events. Committee recruitment takes place in the beginning of fall quarter every academic year.

Contact Us

You can send us a message through our facebook account. Follow us and like us to keep up with future events.

If you want to send us a more personalized message you can message us to our email link.