Professional Development

• Organizing various professional events such as workshops, panels, and networking opportunities.
• Reaching out to professionals, faculty, graduate students and corporate representatives.
• Responsible for event logistics and making room reservations.

Technology Operations

• Designing and maintaining the UES website and online media platform (Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram).
• Collaborating with the marketing committee to drive online marketing strategies for events.
• Assisting visiting speakers with their technology needs.
• Updating UES members by emailing upcoming events & announcements.


• Outreaching and promoting upcoming events to ECON/Business students.
• Marketing efforts include flyering, writing announcements on classroom chalkboards & class announcements.
• Creating and organizing promotional material for the organization.
• Collecting, analyzing, and utilizing large data sets to coordinate marketing strategies.


• Tracking and budgeting of organization finances.
• Organizing fundraising events and working with Marketing to promote events.
• Requesting event funding from A.S and the Economics Department.

Internal Affairs

• Responsible for recruitment, internal communications, planning socials, and logistics.
• Responsibilities range from ensuring cohesion and community within the individual members of the organization, organizing a smooth annual recruitment process, and acting as the conduit for communication between the different departments within the organization.

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